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If not for the fact that you a from Talata Mafara, the home town of Gov Abdulaziz Yari, one would have ignored the your egocentric writeup Malam Elkabeer.

From your submission, one would simply conclude that your moral integrity is questionable.  One would also raise some doubts if your claim to have any indigenous element of Mafara community is true. Secondly, it sounds that you are only acting behind a pseudonym "Elkabeer" to commit yourself to serious moral mess against your "dirt" self. The name you use I believe, is never your true name. Coward!

You are an abuse to the entire Mafara community. Can your "dirt" mind reflects the physical condition of Mafara town befo
re the advent of governor Abdulaziz Yari's administration? I am not from Mafara, but I can't believe that a true indigene of Mafara town could be so morally decayed to break into the personal integrity of one who upgraded his abode from a mare sub-urban community to a satisfactory modern center.

Consider your dirty, unguarded statement against the privacy and personal integrity of someone.

You implied that Abdulaziz Yari  "has grown up from one of the dirt poor and empty handed family that has no Penny to sustain their living". Are you really a good Muslim? I don't know what you mean by the term "dirt", but as a Muslim, if you are a true one, should know that poverty is not a crime, neither is it a moral taboo.

Yes, you did not attach his family background to  any form of moral indiscipline, unlike your family background which from your behaviour, has
 shown a clear indication that your upbringing is morally questionable.

Ask your learned elders. They will surely tell you that there were pious people born to be very poor, humble families, but due to good upbringing, they attained a morally exalted position whose social influence have known to have crossed great bounds and subsequently enjoyed by millions, including your "dirt" self.

Abdulaziz Yari may not have the degree certificate you mentioned, but has demonstrated some qualities that helped to made him governor, and remember he was a member Federal House of Representatives, yet there are millions with various forms of big certificates, but who could not have performed as he did. It is all a matter of ability and delivery.

You are generously using the Facebook social media, but in your ignorance, you never bothered to know that the founder of the medium, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, was a dropout from Harvard University after spending only two years.

In another instance, Mr. Steve Jobs was a dropout after spending only one year in Reed College, but had successfully invented the famous iPad and iPhone facilities which have no doubt changed the   lives of millions across the globe.

Mr. Paul Allen was also dropout at only two years in the University of Chicago without attaining a degree level, but he was the co-founder of Microsoft, and he was one who convinced Bill gate to dropout of Harvard University to also start Microsoft.

And funny enough, Mr. Larry Ellison, who once confessed that "diplomas are for the losers" dropped out two years after going through the University of Chicago, but incidentally, he was the founder of the oracle facility.

Do you know that the much celebrated John D. Rockefeller who was once the richest millionaire on earth was born to a poor artist, and he dumped school at the age of sixteen and begun a career.

What of Mr. Henry Ford who did not attend any formal education, but was believed to have single-handedly founded the biggest US automobile industry, even though his father, a subsistence farmer, hoped that little Henry would one day inherit the trade and run the farm, but he decided to leave and work as mechanic apprentice and developed into the founder of one of the largest automobile industry in the world. Do you know the history of Karl Marx, Plato and many great educationists/ Philosophers of history. Shame on you, especially when one considers your position as a member of academia.

There are thousands of similar instances from various fields of human endeavors where great men of historical reputation, were products of poor, humble family, but through perseverance, determination and strong will, they were able to attain unprecedented global reputation.

Are you aware that in the constitutional arrangement of Nigeria's democracy, one does not need a degree certificate to qualify him for a governorship position?.

If you don't know this, then you are a fool.

Ibrahim Dosara is the Special Adviser to the Executive Governor of Zamfara on Public Enlightenment, Media and Communication.

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