Monday, November 16, 2015



It is exactly six months now, since President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office as the democratically elected President of the Federal Republic of the most powerful black African Nations, Nigeria. This is after decades of unsuccessful struggle to ascend the throne. It is indeed an honor done to him and his great political party, the All Progressives Congress ( APC) to unanimously elected him into power. A gesture which would no doubt, ever remained indelible in the history of the most trusted and widely acknowledged incorruptible gentle Nigerian leader, both at home and abroad.
However, under what ever circumstances the government of President Muhammadu Buhari came into being, the expectations of people, especially the grassroots, is high. Therefore, the task before the President is a daunting one.
First of all, Buhari took power at a time when the economy of the nation has crumbled, no money for recurrent expenditure, talk less that of the capital projects. The nation's external relations was bad, insecurity was an enormous threat not only to the individual citizenry, but also to the government, its neighborhood and indeed the international community. Kidnapping and political thuggery were at their peak.  There was high rate of unemployment, the education and health sectors were grounded. The nation's defence and foreign policies were undefined. There was high level corruption among the policy makers and implementers in almost all the sectors of the nation's economy, just to mention, but a few of the problems the nation faces.
Soon after the inauguration of the Buhari regime, he faces the the challenge of insecurity and insurgency both in the north - east and south - south regions, approaching international community to come to the aid of the nation to deal with the problems. Success has started emerging in this regard. The problem of oil theft and bunkering is also being approached with seriousness and success is also being recorded. Equally, the regime has been handling the issue of corruption with grave concern. Many billions of dollars and naira have now been recovered from looters  and more are being tracked both at home and abroad.
The President achieved all these successes without cabinet. Now that President Muhammadu Buhari has formed his cabinet and restructured his civil service, it is time for the President to take to the functions of coordinating and re- directing his ministers to work in line with his principles of change for the better.
Let Buhari tasks each of the ministers to propose his / her ministry's action plan and agenda that must be inline with his change agenda with a view to discussing them in council, so that target can be set for each Minister, failure of which results to the exit of the affected minister out of the cabinet.
Let the President be reminded of the need to take the most serious and immediate needs of the people of the country, which include, defined defence/ security and foreign policies, employment opportunities, welfare packages for the less privileged ones, comprehensive education and health systems, integration of traditional rulers in the security systems of the nation and charging them with the responsibility of any lapses within their domains, facing squarely, the issue of fuel shortages, food and housing security, encouraging science and technology in our educational system as well as trade and investment, agriculture inclusive. be continued........

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