Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nigerians Criticise President Buhari Over Continued Fuel Scarcity

As Fuel scarcity bites harder, Nigerians have cried out over the manner in which the government of President Muhammadu Buhari handles the matter. According to them, hoarding of the commodity by some unscrupulous individuals has been the responsible factor for its  shortage across the country and called on the president to, as a matter of urgency, deal   decisively with the situation.
In a survey conducted by Standard Voice Newspaper, the shortage has caused the escalation of its price in filling stations and the proliferation of its black markets all over Nigeria making it even harder for the survival of the common man.
They sai people have been grappling with the fuel scarcity for some weeks now and are still not sure when it will come to an end. "Scarcity of petrol has continued to bite harder and many of us could no longer afford going about our normal businesses as we can not endure paying for the exorbitant amount of transportation". Said a business man (who prefers anonymity) in Kaduna.
Another man in Kano, Mal Abubakar Nasarawa said,  the current situation was least expected of President Buhari's administration and called on the President to do something urgently to save the common man. "The masses voted the President, in the hope that these kinds of government shortcomings are made a thing of past. We voted for change and we need positive changes" said Abubakar.
Alh Sulaiman Sani, a farmer in Sokoto said their farm produce could not be taken to the market as they could not afford its transportation cost. 
" Since two weeks ago, I have been guarding my water million, potatoes and other farm produce to prevent them from men of the underworld, since I can not afford  the high cost of transporting them to the market. " said Alh Sulaiman.
The cost of a liter of petrol now costs between N130 and N160 in the filling stations as against its official price of N87.  At black market, the price of a gallon is now between N1000 and N1200. 
Recently the NNPC has ordered its subsidiary, the DPR to distribute to Nigerians, free, the commodity found hoarded by any filling across the nation. It was reported last week that the DPR has carried out the order at some filling stations, but the situation persists.
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